Occupy D.C.
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About: Occupy D.C. is a NON-VIOLENT, PEACEFUL solidarity occupation for all our brothers and sisters fighting the good fight at Occupy Wall Street. We believe in human needs over corporate greed. The 99% are suffering due to corrupt politics, plutocracy replacing our so-called democracy, and outsourcing of much-needed jobs to other countries. It's time to rise up and FIGHT BACK!

We are located in McPherson Square @ 15th & K Street and plan on staying their indefinitely. General Assemblies held everyday @ 6PM. JOIN US!

Twitter - @OccupyKSt and @OccupyDCNeeds

Email - contact@occupydc.org and occupywashdc@gmail.com
The Occupy Movement has reached Antarctica!
We are now occupying all 7 continents!!!

The Occupy Movement has reached Antarctica!

We are now occupying all 7 continents!!!

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