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About: Occupy D.C. is a NON-VIOLENT, PEACEFUL solidarity occupation for all our brothers and sisters fighting the good fight at Occupy Wall Street. We believe in human needs over corporate greed. The 99% are suffering due to corrupt politics, plutocracy replacing our so-called democracy, and outsourcing of much-needed jobs to other countries. It's time to rise up and FIGHT BACK!

We are located in McPherson Square @ 15th & K Street and plan on staying their indefinitely. General Assemblies held everyday @ 6PM. JOIN US!

Twitter - @OccupyKSt and @OccupyDCNeeds

Email - contact@occupydc.org and occupywashdc@gmail.com

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Better Than the Bat Signal: Occupy Wall Street Project “99%” onto Verizon Building


Better Than the Bat Signal: Occupy Wall Street Project “99%” onto Verizon Building

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Action Saturday: Egypt Solidarity March!

What: March in Solidarity with people in Egypt
When: Saturday November 19th, Noon
Where: Meet at OccupyDC, McPherson Square, 15th and K Streets NW – We will be joining the march that is departing Freedom Plaza once they arrive at McPherson

Saturday November 19th at 12:00pm OccupyDC protesters will join forces with local Egyptian activists in a teach-in and march to the Egyptian Defense Office (2590 L St NW).  Giving public money to the Egyptian military is unacceptable given the evidence of human rights violations perpetrated by the Egyptian military junta that currently controls Egypt.

The United States gave 1.3 billion dollars in military aid to Egypt in 2010, and similar aid will flow to the regime this year.  Much of the money sent to Egypt is used to purchase tanks, jets, and helicopters from U.S. defense contractors like General Dynamics Corp, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing.  The military-industrial complex joins Wall Street gambling as the lifeblood of economic exploitation by the 1%.

As many know, the Egyptian citizens’ popular resistance movement toppled former Egyptian President Mubarak and inspired millions across the world, including the occupy movement in the United States.  Unfortunately, there is evidence that the military junta is repressing, detaining, torturing, and even killing the very Egyptians who ejected Mubarak.

We stand in solidarity with Egyptian activists and citizens here in D.C. and in Egypt. We join them to show solidarity of American people with Egyptians against human rights abuse cases committed by the military in Egypt against civilians.

Anonymous asked: I see a lot of photographers at the Occupy DC protests. Where are they uploading all of their pictures to, afterward?

Some are uploading to YouTube and other sites. We have our own Flickr page here!

Action Thursday: Labor-Community-Occupy Day of Action!

Celebrate the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement!

Join in a Labor-Community-Occupy Day of Action this Thursday, November 17th. Activities include a teach-in on the decay of the abandoned public education system and a protest of other deteriorating public infrastructure. It’ll be a full afternoon of teach-in and marching!

12pm Noon –  Teach-in Rally on Education, Jobs, and Infrastructure

The Washington Teachers’ Union and American Federation of Teachers are hosting a Teach-In for Occupy D.C. in McPherson Square focusing on public education reform, the firings of D.C.’s teachers and outdated infrastructure in our schools. The Teach-In will also cover the history of the labor movement including the right to protest.

2:30pm - March on the Key Bridge in Georgetown in protest of the deterioration of our public infrastructure and public services.

Occupiers, community members and unionists will be marching From McPherson Square to the Key Bridge in solidarity with OurDC, and other labor organizations. We will call on Congress to create jobs, stop cuts, and make Wall Street banks pay. The gap between the 1% and the 99% continues to grow. But instead of creating jobs, Congress continues to ignore the concerns of the 99%, and focuses on job-killing budget cuts and tax giveaways for the rich. In Washington, the structurally deficient Key Bridge is a vivid example of the many roads, schools and other infrastructure sites in need of repair.

The 99% will be there. Occupy Wall St. Occupy K St. Occupy everywhere!

OccupyDC Tumblr back from hiatus!

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few weeks. A lot has been going on in our lives in addition to the Occupy Wall Street happenings in the past few days. This tumblr page will be handled a bit differently with more pertinent updates dealing with the movement. Can’t promise that we’ll be updating every hour of the day, but we’ll try our best.


Credit union business grows as consumers sour on banks

"Long touted by consumer groups as a more consumer-friendly option than large commercial banks, the nation’s not-for-profit credit unions saw a significant jump in new members and deposits last month as momentum in the Occupation Wall Street campaign has increased, and many of the big banks rescinded, debit card fees.

The credit unions pulled in some 650,000 new customers since Sept. 29, when Bank of America announced it would add a $5-a-month debit card fee, an industry trade group reported…”


Don’t let anyone tell you that this movement isn’t making a difference. This is just the beginning. Just wait until November 5th! Move Your Money!


Time to occupy?

Occupy DC, unique in its blend of passivity and emphasis on nonviolence appears, for now, to be one of the more successful “Occupy” protests in the nation.

Maybe, it’s the music (or the fancy videography) that’s helping the rag-tag McPherson Square bunch succeed in getting their message across.

Video courtesy of the Huffington Post.

100,000 people came out for the Occupy Oakland General Strike!

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Two Direct Actions for this week!

Join us and National Nurses United for an International Day of Action:

Thu, November 3, 11:30am – 2:30pm

Occupy G-20. They will be marching at 11:30am from Lafayette Square but will be coming to McPherson Square to pick up folks along the way. So either meet at 11:30 at Lafayette Square, or before 12:00pm at McPherson Square. Please check out the flyer for more information. Flyer: http://nurses.3cdn.net/01e9d6d4e79e648625_u0m6bgfzy.pdf

Follow the Money $$$

Friday November 4th 2011
6PM - McPherson Square

Join OccupyDC as we undertake an action against the “Defending the American Dream Summit” conference funded by the Koch Brothers.

This self-identified grassroots summit is anything but grassroots. In fact it is almost entirely funded by Koch Industries affiliated Americans for Prosperity. Speakers will include a who’s who of the most extreme anti-science political leaders and far right ideologues in our society.

They are pro-bank, pro-big business and overwhelmingly anti-99%. Their policies range from denying climate change and spitting vitriol at disenfranchised minorities to supporting union busting and tax breaks for the wealthiest of the wealthy. But lucky for us, for one night - they along with two of their presidential candidates will be here in Washington, DC.

Join us this Friday at 6pm at McPherson Square to welcome the 1% to the nation’s capitol and remind them what democracy looks like!

March to the Department of Justice in Solidarity With Occupy Oakland Against Police Violence

WHAT: March to the Justice Department against police violence.
WHEN: Wednesday 1/2/11, 4pm
WHERE: McPherson Square, 15th and K St. NW
WHY: In solidarity with occupations that have been attacked by police all over the United States and after Occupy Oakland’s call for a general strike and mass actions in the wake of police attacks that left one occupier hospitalized with serious injuries.

For more information, check our Facebook event page or contact Makeda Crane (makedacrane1@gmail.com) or Virginia Leavell (virginia.leavell@gmail.com) or 202.674.0900


Today in McPherson Square


It’s our 1-Month Anniversary today!

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Occupy DC by Chris Wieland on Flickr.


Occupy DC by Chris Wieland on Flickr.

BofA Calls Off $5 Debit-Fee Plan!

Bank of America Corp. is dropping its plan to charge customers $5 a month for making purchases with their debit cards, a person familiar with the situation said.

The move is a dramatic retreat following decisions by several rivals in recent days to drop customer tests of the new fees. SunTrust Banks Inc. and Regions Financial Corp. also said Monday that they will stop charging customers for debit-card transactions.

Bank of America decided against the fees due to negative customer feedback on the plan and the moves by rivals, which left the Charlotte, N.C., lender as the only big bank planning to levy the fee on some customers next year.

Bank of America will formally announce the decision today, this person said.


This is a HUGE win for the American people. People power does work!

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